Green Policy

We recognise that our work may have a direct or indirect effect on the local and/or regional environment. We are therefore committed to reducing any harm that this may cause on the environment and as a Catering and Marquee Company will promote the understanding of sustainability within all we do as a green company. Our green policy is to constantly look for ways in which we can improve our green credentials; we are achieving this by exploring ways to achieve our statement promises and to link with other like-minded organisations.
We will focus on:

  • Reducing waste in all area of our work.
  • Reusing materials at every opportunity.
  • Repair rather then throw away where we can.
  • Recycling
  • Reduce travelling to and from sites, reducing fuel consumption and gas omissions.

As our green culture becomes established and embedded, we aim to:

  • Encourage our staff to be responsible, company green citizens.
  • Utilise energies and water sparingly.
  • Consider environmental impacts in our purchasing
  • Endeavour to work with partner organisations that share our green values.
  • Reduce the need for transport and its impacts on the environment.

It is our intention to operate our business in an as environmentally friendly way as we can.
What we have already done:

  • We reuse, or recycle, our incoming packaging materials (cardboard, polystyrene, paper, glass, Marquee carpet etc).
  • We minimise our use of paper. Much of our company information is readily available on the Internet. Our increasing use of e-mail greatly reduces the amount of paper used in hard-copy correspondence, envelopes and letters. Processing information electronically is also much more energy and carbon efficient than physically sending hard copy.
  • We have installed some multi-functional devices (for faxing, printing and photocopying) in our office that will reduce energy and paper usage.
  • We recycle our office paper.
  • We are using 100% use of digital photography for the production of marketing materials. This minimises the use of film developing chemicals.
  • Our consumption of fuel and energy is closely monitored and we take care that it is not wasted through inefficiency or casualness. For example, we remind staff to turn off lights when leaving a room, minimise the use of company vehicles, and ask staff to use computers responsibly i.e. turning them off at night and using the stand-by mode during the day.
  • We recycle our old computers and will continue to do so throughout our IT replacement.
  • We recycle mobile phones and printer cartridges.
  • We recycle the fluorescent light tubes used on our company premises.
  • We have reduced the amount of our landfill waste by finding ways of recycling waste material, either in-house or through working in conjunction with others who are able to use the material constructively.
  • We are ensuring that any new build/refurbishment plans adhere to current environmental standards and energy conservation requirements.
  • We purchase much of our food and other supplies from local companies; mindful of the distance our supplies have travelled aiming to reduce food and other goods miles.

What we intend to do in the future:

  • We will encourage staff, and clients to recycle bottles, plastics, aluminium cans, and reduce all wastage related to their events.
  • We intend to purchase our electricity from suppliers who re-invest in renewable energy sources.
  • Where possible we will choose to source our materials from suppliers who operate in an environmentally friendly manner and who are geographically local to us to reduce delivery miles.
  • We will work with our catering suppliers to buy locally where possible in order to reduce our food miles.
  • We will chose our company vehicles with fuel efficiency in mind and their fuel consumption will be closely monitored.
  • We will encourage our business partners to strive for the same high level of environmental care.

We will constantly review all that we do, and how we do it, seeking to minimise our impact on the environment.