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So You’d Like a Marquee for your Wedding Reception?

It is all in the planning. You really can create exactly what you would love for your wedding day...

Where will it be?

There are many reasons why our customers get in touch with us. And one of those reasons is that they would like a marquee for your wedding reception. You may have already secured a lovely location for this. Perhaps it’s a garden, a riding school, a paddock or even a tennis court.

Or it may be within the grounds of one of our stunning venues. When we say “ours” we mean one of the many stunning locations across the south east, where we are either the sole caterers for, or we are one of the preferred caterers. And don’t forget, we are also asked to cater at many venues who don’t have preferred companies they already work with. We see so many and can suggest some beautiful locations if you are struggling to choose.

If you have decided you would like a marquee in an open space of your choosing, then we will always come for a site visit. This will be totally non obligatory and will just identify the best position for a marquee, within the area. We always use our own equipment and have generators, “posh and luxury loos” & our exceptional outside kitchen facilities.

The interior of your marquee

Then you can decide how you would like the layout for the internal space of the marquee. Which is the best bit! How would you like your tables laid out? Do you even want a top table? Where do you want your entrance to be and how grand would you like it? What decorations would you like to have…basically how do you want to make it individual to YOU?? And this is one of the best reasons for having a marquee. You can be as minimalist as you like, as creative as you like, as floral as you like…whatever you want within your marquee can be done. We work with some amazing companies who can supply everything you would like to ensure your wedding is exactly how you dreamed it would be…just fabulous!

We love to see what our clients do with the marquee when it comes to their wedding, it looks different every single time. If you have a creative side then make sure you use it to decorate the marquee yourself. Because small personal details really do make a difference.

Table plans

We have seen many, many table plans over the years when catering for weddings. Some are printed on lovely paper, others are framed. Other ways you can personalise your table plan include hand writing on a large mirror or you could take photos of all of your guests with a message on the back showing them their seat. This is a really fun way to do it, if a little time consuming!

Make it special for your guests too

Whether you are using a blackboard, card or fabric you could write personalised messages for your guests to see throughout the marquee or venue. Hand writing these messages make them a little more special and allow your guests to be involved in your love story. It can be short stories of how you met. Dates that are significant or funny stories nobody knows about yet. Your guests will love reading them and it will give everyone a talking point for the day. Especially if you throw in lots of photos. People always love to spot themselves as well – make it a rogues gallery! There are enough photos online to make this really easy to do!

Our food and drink

The other obvious reason to work with us for your wedding is to have our award winning chefs cook for you. They really do create the most amazing dishes. Such delicious food and we are told time and time again how our couples could not have chosen anyone else for their wedding.

Drinks are an easy one. Either we supply them for you or you bring your own! We don’t charge corkage, so if you would rather supply your own drinks then that is no problem. You might want a really particular choice of drink and want to buy it beforehand. That is absolutely fine with us. We are completely versatile with this. But if you would like to make it really easy for yourselves, then we have some very competitive drink packages.

How Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd can help you

Our wedding marquees come in many shapes and will accommodate a lot of people. Which is another great reason to have a marquee. Many rooms within venues are restricted to size. Which can make it difficult when you have a large bridal party. A marquee is always the best decision if it is going to be a big wedding. We can host events from 50 – 500 people, ensuring the quality and delivery of all our services are still to the highest standard.

And there is also the fact that we know exactly what we are doing. We can solve problems before they even become a problem! We ALWAYS take into account what our couples are asking for. We have some exceptional staff who work hard leading up to your big day, as well as on the day and clearing up afterwards. We allow no stone to be unturned and won’t rest until you are completely happy with all your choices! It’s what we do best…

So if you are thinking that you would like a marquee for your wedding reception then please just get in touch! We can answer any initial questions you have, pop out and visit your location, to check it is suitable. And then the choice is yours…

Can’t wait to chat!


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