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Wedding Marquee Hire

Having a marquee means you can bring the outside in as well as the inside out!

Planning your wedding

When you are getting married, there is so much to organise and plan. And you may have that picture in your head of exactly how you see your wedding day going.  Most of our couples are extremely organised, planning everything down to the tiniest of details. And one of the most important choices to make is the venue for the wedding reception. Some couples know exactly where they will host it; that classic hotel, hall or stately home. But some couples want something a little different. They may have a large garden or even field that can be used for the day and this is where wedding marquee hire can solve so many problems!

Having a marquee for your wedding will open up so many more options. Many wedding venues have a close time as early as 10pm – however many couples want to party late into the night! Having a marquee, as long as you are considerate of your neighbours, means that you can stay up all night if you really want to!

Emma & Rob's Kent wedding with Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd

You won’t be restricted on numbers – marquees can go as big as you like! Having a marquee means you can bring the outside in as well as the inside out!

If the weather is lovely and warm, then the sides can all be opened up, creating something really quite wonderful for you and your guests. Guests can mill around outside as well as in, with some comfortable outside seating areas that have been designed to give party goers a bit of a rest before they carry on!

Alternatively, you can keep everything closed and cosy, if the weather isn’t so good.

About Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd

Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd have been in the wedding industry for over 30 years now. We just know what works and what doesn’t. So please feel free to chat with us and ask us all the questions you need. We can help you plan your wedding marquee hire; where it should go, which position, where the other facilities should be – we have the most amazing “posh loos”!

Marquee hire in Tenterden

And the wedding catering…don’t get us started on the food…just sublime!

I did not even for a second think it was possible to produce such gorgeous food out of a 6m x 6m pop up kitchen

Next steps

Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd work throughout the south east of England, in Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey as well as the borders of Hampshire. We are totally versatile and can give you just your marquee hire, only the wedding catering, or a complete package. You tell us exactly what you would like and leave the rest to us! Either call us on 01435 865904email us or fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch.

We can’t wait to chat with you about your plans, wishes and dreams for the biggest day of your life.

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