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Meet the team

Please may we introduce ourselves...

Tony Brewin

Tony is the founder (and soul!) of Super Event. The story started in 1996. We could list the never ending City & Guild certificates, the Level 3 awards in the catering industry, the Hotel Institutional Management diplomas and so much more (all on display for you in our office), but really what makes Tony “The Boss” is his 30 years of experience in the wedding, catering, and marquee world. 20 of these years having been spent building Super Event, so you are in the safest hands…

Tony is a very hands on operations director and will oversee all our projects, starting from the initial site visit at your chosen venue, to the delivery of the event.

Chrystelle Warburton

Your initial (and continuous) contact at Super Event will be with our lovely French Co-director. Chrystelle joined the Super Event venture in 2001. Some of our clients have called her “The Google of weddings”, and she really lives up to these expectations. Chrystelle is office based (hence not so many of you get to meet her on site) and therefore available everyday to answer any emails/calls/questions/queries you may have about any aspect of your wedding.

Working alongside this admin wizard is the equivalent of hiring your own wedding PA (at no cost!).

Rob Gerrish

The success and popularity of Super Event is in a large part due to the quality of our food. Rob has been ruling our kitchen for over 15 years and his experience in the wedding catering world is second to none. Our chef’s skills are beyond expectations.  “Best wedding food we have ever had”, “How do they do it?”, “Never thought such delicious dishes could be served in a marquee”.

It takes knowledge, expertise, commitment, but most of all passion…

Tom Warburton

Tom has respectfully earned the title of “Tentologist” since he joined the Super Event management team in 2006. In those 10 years Tom and his team have built a modest 800 marquees for the company (sorry for the vague figure, we stopped counting). Tom will personally oversee the build of your marquee with his experienced team, including installation of the power, delivery of furniture, flooring, draping, ensuring all the extras you have ordered are being set up as planned.

His job is done when you are happy. (Tip: A cold drink on a hot day always makes the team work EVEN faster)

Lets not forget the A-team

Super Event would not be what it is without an incredible team of staff. Each of our events sees a dedicated Chef and Event Manager looking after the development of the day. They have the support of an amazing team of waiters and waitresses who always get the most humbling compliments about their courteous service, their smiles, their helpfulness, and their hard work.

We are so very proud of each and every one of them, and we always look forward to seeing them turn up, stylish and smart for each and every event.

Over 25 years of experience

You only have to read a few of the reviews about Super Event to know the quality and high level of service we offer. With so many years of experience, we will put you totally at ease, completely take away the stress and ensure that you enjoy your wedding day

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Super Event Offices

We have offices in Sussex, Kent and Surrey and have operated successfully in this area for over 25 years

Sussex office5 Browning Road Ind Estate, Heathfield, TN21 8DB
Telephone: 01435 583 011

Kent office97 Stephens Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 9QB
Telephone: 01892 322 076

Surrey officeBrewerstreet Farmhouse, Bletchingley, Surrey, RH1 4QP
Telephone: 01883 672 023

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