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All Inclusive Marquee Wedding Packages

It's those extra little touches that make us so special...

Why Choose Super Event?

We have been in the wedding business for over 30 years. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can advise you for and against certain aspects of your wedding day that could either make it more special or be a disaster! So with all the experience we can give, we bring it together with our All Inclusive Marquee Wedding Packages.

From that initial contact you make with us, until the days after your wedding, you can be reassured that we are in total control and will not forget any of the little details. And it is all the details and timing that we excel in.


If you would like one of our all inclusive marquee wedding packages, then we will be very clear on pricing and you will know exactly where you stand. Our packages can include as much or as little as you need – Super Event are extremely versatile. If you want a marquee in your own garden, then great. We will come and do a site survey to check for suitability. If you want a marquee but have nowhere to have it, then we can give you some great venues where we are preferred caterers. And if you have a venue in mind, but need a marquee then we can help.


It is totally up to you as to what food you would like for your wedding. If you want a full sit down menu, then we can invite you to one of our tasting days where you can enjoy all the food we have to offer, along with your partner and perhaps close family. But if you would like something a little more relaxed, such as a barbecue, then our chefs will create something amazing for you all to enjoy. Afternoon tea is also a popular choice, with perhaps a hot meal in the evening. Or maybe evening food will be canapes or a buffet. The choices of wedding catering are totally yours and we can make other suggestions that will complement your ideas for the “big day”.


We can offer drink packages so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Many of our guests choose the unlimited drink option, so they can ensure nothing dries up and the guests have a ball! If you want to supply the drink yourself, then we are happy to supply glasses and corkage and leave it at that. As we say, totally versatile!


You will have chefs working behind the scenes to create all your dishes. There will be the right number of staff who work hard to ensure everyone has everything they want on the day. Plus there will be an Event Manager who oversees it all. Plus don’t forget the dedicated Managers back in the office, available for you to speak to if you have any questions, on the lead up to your wedding.

Decorations and entertainment

We work with some exceptional companies, who can help to create all those extras for your wedding day. From invitations and place settings, to table decorations and floral displays. Through to entertainment in the evening, we have companies that we trust will give you the best possible day ever!

Clearing Up

And you don’t have to worry about clearing up after your special day. We do everything and can arrange a time to fully clear the marquee, suitable for you, if it is on your property. What could be easier!

So when we say that we can give you All Inclusive Marquee Wedding Packages, this is really what we mean. What we leave for you to do is decide on what you are going to wear on the day and the booking of your honeymoon…

So give us a call on 01435 865904 or make an enquiry and we can help with the rest. We make it all very easy for you!

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