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Festival Themed Weddings

Think outside the box and be really creative...

How unique do you want your wedding?

Themed weddings are growing in popularity. Not only are they fun to design, personal to the bride and groom, but they are memorable, fun and great to organise!

And what better than a festival themed wedding? Relaxed, fun and very, very current. Festivals are massive – it’s the only way bands are now making any money and festival goers are flocking to them in their thousands. And it isn’t for just the teenagers. With festivals based around 80s and 90s music, 30 somethings+ are also enjoying the festival vibes. And certainly families with children brave the conditions to pitch up their tent and enjoy a festival. So how about designing your wedding around this?

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A marquee is ideal for a festival themed wedding. Choose a venue where you have lots of open space and the marquee can be positioned exactly where you want it. Flowers are fantastic for festivals, so choose a wild flowered theme perhaps, with lots of colour, floaty dreamy flowers and lots of trailing foliage. Table decorations can embrace the festival theme. Bunting is always a great idea to decorate the interior. Keeping it really casual but still beautiful. Also, flowers such as peonies, hydrangeas and soft coloured roses, along with willow and such like are just stunning.

Hang decorations outside, hand write any information you need to provide, pretty much anything that gives you the rustic feel for your day.

And think about your lights, especially for the evening. Hurricane lamps look amazing and think what can be hung in any surrounding trees. Hundreds of little fairy lights will also look stunning, both inside and outside your marquee…


Wooden tables are perfect and keep in with the festival theme. They can be as rustic as you like. You don’t have to have a formal sit down meal, a barbecue or buffet is a perfect choice for this sort of wedding. Just ensure there is seating for who needs it, as well as giving everyone a break when they need to catch their breath from all the dancing that will ensue!

And maybe even theme your drinks. Especially if you are thinking of cocktails….name your own and keep in with all the festival ideas!


Well it must be live music of course! Where would a festival be without a live band or two? Bear in mind sound can carry as well, so later in the evening, a silent disco would keep any neighbours happy. Great fun and a real crowd pleaser!


And if you have sufficient room, then to finish off the festival theme, invite everyone to camp. Then no one has to worry about drinking and driving – and you still have your posh loos, which is a real step up from an official festival!

Next steps

You can go as mad as you like with a festival themed wedding. It’s all about the fun, music and everyone just having a fantastic time!

Give us a call on 01435 865904 if you want to chat with us about having a festival themed wedding. Totally relaxed, even more memorable and such fun for everyone involved…


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