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Thinking about having a marquee?

Marquees are very popular with our couples. Summers in England can be a real thing of beauty, and even on a rainy day, there is nothing quite like a beautiful English country garden. This is why, at Super Event, we work with many couples for wedding catering as well as their marquee hire in Godalming, Surrey.  Whether the wedding marquee will be in your own garden or another venue decided on between us, you will be guaranteed a stunning location for the most important day of your life. We are preferred wedding caterers in many beautiful Surrey venues and can make suggestions as to which may suit you the best.

Brewerstreet Farmhouse, Froyle Park and Northbrook Park are particular favourites of ours.

Having a marquee for your wedding makes it extremely personal to your special day. Once we have built it, we will plan with you how you want to decorate it and this is where every bride and groom are different. It can be totally unique to you and this is what we love. It is why we are able to have so many wonderful photographs on our website, with different designs, colour schemes and decorations within the marquee.

The interior

You can choose to have fresh flowers adorning the marquee, giving a wonderful aroma and fresh appearance to the interior; either freestanding or as table decorations throughout. Perhaps you would like the popular paper lanterns to hang in many colours from the ceiling of the marquee, or you may think you would prefer chandeliers to hang ornately from the top. Candles may be your choice and these certainly look beautiful, especially once the light starts to dim and we can recommend how these would be positioned.

We also have different choices for your dance floor and these can all be shown to you, along with the options for lighting the evening section of your marquee. This will also be where your entertainment will be situated, whether it is a DJ, a live band or a music system.

The food

Our chefs will create a bespoke menu for you. We can be as flexible as you like with your wedding catering. We also offer tasting days for our couples so they can try the food and make their final decision as to what they would like on their big day. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the marquee, see the options available to you and start to get really excited about your own wedding day!

With all the wonderful venues we work with, our wedding marquees and marquee hire in Godalming are growing year on year. Marquee hire in Surrey is a big part of Super Event’s work. We are very proud that we can offer the complete package and this is extremely popular with many of our couples, as you can choose as much or as little as you want – we are totally versatile.

What’s next?

Please get in touch, either by calling us on 01435 865904emailing us or filling in our contact form and someone will be in touch. We can’t wait to chat with you about a marquee hire in Godalming, our catering options, your desires, wishes and dreams for the biggest day of your life.

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On the day we had a general manager who made the day run smoothly. He was called Mark and still to this day I still can’t get over what an amazing job he did. Without him the day would have been all over the place. I still can’t thank him enough for being my guardian angel that day.

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