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Planning Your Proposal

Asking the person you love to marry you can be one of the most important but stressful moments of your life. Even if you’re sure you’ll get the answer you’re looking for you’ll still probably worry about making the whole thing as romantic and memorable as possible. There are so many scenarios in which you can propose to your partner – some may suit you both – some won’t! Just always remember to take their personality as well as likes and dislikes into consideration when planning your proposal and go from there. If you’re completely at a loss for ideas, read through some of our suggestions and see if any of them fit the bill.

A Private Meal

For those couples who like less attention and want to keep this special occasion private, keep it nice and simple. You can propose over a nice shared meal. You can choose to have a romantic dinner at home where there will be no pressure or attention, or you can have a slightly more public proposal at an elegant restaurant.

If you choose to do this at home, you’ll want to dress up the occasion to make it special and romantic. Consider cooking the meal yourself or even hiring someone to cook it for you. For an added bonus, make sure that the meal is his or hers favourite meal. Buy their favourite flower and convince them to dress up for the occasion, too.

A Family Gathering

If your intended has a strong family support system and they don’t mind being put on the spot in front of their loved ones, you could always propose at a family gathering, a birthday, group holiday or party. You’ll then be able to share your special moment with everyone. Plus you won’t have to tell the whole family as they will already know! However, if your partner isn’t one for awkward moments or pressurised situations you may want to steer clear of this idea since it’ll put him or her on the spot.

On Holiday

A special sunset, an exciting day out, a beautiful viewpoint…you could be abroad or in the UK. A special place that you have visited before could be where you want to propose. It could be planned or completely spontaneous. Being on holiday, the choices are endless and all as romantic as each other!

Create a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re a fun loving couple who enjoy things like game nights, consider setting up a fun scavenger hunt that leads to the ring. You can make all of the clues relate to personal references or inside jokes to make the whole thing revolve around your relationship. This fun idea doesn’t come without drawbacks, though. It does involve hiding the engagement ring, which can be off-putting. To combat this, try having the final reveal be a note reading “will you marry me” and simply present the ring at that moment, instead.


This is a pretty grandiose idea. If your partner appreciates being the centre of attention this is well-suited for that. You can hire a skywriter and arrange for a time and location where this will be done. If you do choose to do this, you’ll have to make sure that you write out the message perfectly so there are no embarrassing spelling errors, be in the right place at the right time to see the message, and hope the weather is perfect. This is an idea that fits the motto “no risk, no reward.”

At a Sporting Event

This should really only be done if your partner is a loyal sports fan who would appreciate having this moment paired with their favourite team. This, again, will put pressure and attention on both of you so only choose this type of proposal idea if you’re sure of the answer and sure that they won’t be embarrassed.

An Anniversary or Special Occasion

It may be the anniversary of a special occasion for you; your parents wedding anniversary, a friend’s wedding, the birth of a baby or another really special occasion and the romance of it all just gets you carried away. You may just be totally spontaneous and get down on bended knee. You don’t always have to make a grand gesture – the moment may just be right and you go for it!

Valentine’s Day

As well as Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s day is the most important day in the “proposal calendar”. Typically the most romantic day of the year and this is when we see the most proposals happening.

So whether you are creating a huge grand gesture, or perhaps just at home on the sofa, or even in bed, no matter how you go about proposing, it will end up being a romantic and special occasion that neither of you will forget.

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