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Ways To Light Up Your Marquee

Be creative with your lighting. It changes the whole dynamic of your marquee...

Typically, you will arrive at your wedding reception around mid-afternoon. Our marquees will have chandeliers as standard. However, you may decide to add a little extra lighting for when the darkness falls. During the summer time the sun sets much later in the evening, so lighting isn’t a necessity. However, couples are now becoming more and more creative with their decorations and this definitely includes the lighting.

Ways to decorate your marquee with lights:


Our marquees come with chandeliers as a standard way to brighten up your marquee for your evening party. They give you a lovely even light across the marquee and ensure everyone can see well.

Marquee letters

Marquee letters are a really popular option and couples have been supplying them for their weddings over the last few years. You can choose from a wide range of letters or words to use and a great place to put them is on the dance floor. We have seen ‘love’ lit up in our marquee as well as several weddings with the bride and grooms initials, this is a really nice person touch, which you can also re-use in your house after, as a reminder of your special day.

Fairy lights

There are many ways you can use fairy lights in your marquee; draped from the ceiling, round the edge of your marquee or on the wall behind the top table. If you are planning to have an all-white wedding, fairy lights are a great way to decorate your marquee instead of coloured alternatives. ‘Warm white’ go best against our ivory interior, which you may want to consider when purchasing your fairy lights. You can also use fairy lights to decorate the outside of your marquee as well; putting lights in trees or making paths to follow. This is a nice way to lead your guests in the right direction when it is completely dark in the evening. This could make a marquee in the woods look magical. As well as these, many couples choose to hang other forms of lighting in trees or on tables outside – really romantic soft lighting, which is a lovely choice, especially if you have lots of shadowy areas.


An uplighter is a very simple way to add a soft colour to your interior. It lights up the ivory linings beautifully and creates a nice atmosphere in the evening. Our uplighters are a simple ‘warm white’ colour but we also have coloured gels to put over them. We usually put uplighters around the marquee every 3 meters. However, some people choose to just use them around their dance floor. If your wedding is in the middle of the summer, you may not need uplighters throughout the whole marquee therefore using them around your dance floor can be a nice alternative.

Disco Lighting

Obviously the dance floor area will give a fabulous impact for your marquee. Lots of moving lights, a disco ball and maybe even LEDs in the dance floor – plenty of room here to be creative!

dance floor



Using candles on your tables can create a romantic atmosphere during dining and many of our clients do so. Our marquees will let a lot of light in right up until the darkness falls. We can light your candles just before your guests come in to sit for your wedding breakfast and then when it gets darker you will notice a change; a simple candle can make your marquee look enchanting.

As you can see, there are many, many ways to use lights in your wedding marquee. We always look forward to seeing how our clients decorate the interior as everyone has different styles and taste.

If you need any advice or have any specific ideas on your lighting then please don’t hesitate to give us a call in the office on 01435 865904.

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