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Wedding Caterers at Zinnia Gardens

A wonderful marquee venue in Surrey...

About Zinnia Gardens

As Super Event are now one of the preferred wedding caterers at Zinnia Gardens, we thought we would like to tell you a bit more about them.

Situated in the stunning Surrey countryside, near Banstead Village is Zinnia Gardens. Having been open for over 11 years now, they are a well established and extremely popular wedding and event venue. They offer very easy access from many different travel routes, which makes for an ideal venue. Especially when you are coming via an airport or the motorway.

As well as weddings, they host many corporate events, fashion shows and parties. Even though there is easy travel access, it is an exclusive and very private venue. Which makes these sort of events at Zinnia Gardens very appealing.


There is a wonderful entranceway when you walk towards your marquee, which is one of the real draws to Zinnia Gardens. And this also makes it an ideal venue for events such as fashion shows. There is plenty of room for the marquee to be sized and configured to your event. And with the views you get, the day event can also be transformed into a magical evening.

Wedding caterers at Zinnia Gardens

Wedding Caterers at Zinnia Gardens

And of course, if you choose Super Event, then you will be guaranteed fabulous event or wedding caterers at Zinnia Gardens. You only have to look at the types of menu we offer our guests, to know that we really know our stuff. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, we know just what works and what doesn’t. We know the sorts of menus our customers love and the packages we offer have something for everyone.

Next steps

If you are looking for wedding caterers at Zinnia Gardens, then you really need to look no further. Just get in touch and find out how we can make your event even more special. Either by telephone, 01883 672 023, by emailing us or please fill in our contact form and someone will be back in touch.

we can’t wait to chat with you about your dream day…

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