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Renewing Your Wedding Vows

How about we help you make your vow renewal even more special?

It is growing more and more popular to reaffirm your love for one and other. Renewing your wedding vows will show friends and family that you are still just as much in love as the day you first said “I do”.

Where can you renew your vows?

And the wonderful thing about renewing your wedding vows is you will be able to do this pretty much anywhere. Indoors, outside, even in your back garden if you like! There are no rules really to where you can do this. However, if it is a public place, such as a park, then you may need permission.

Who to invite

Many people decide to have a vow renewal abroad on a beach somewhere, just with close family and friends. And then a big party when they get home. Some like to keep it small and intimate and some couples see it as a great reason for a massive party. And on many occasions, most of the people you choose to have at your vow renewal will not be the original invitees at your original wedding. When you first get married, there is great pressure to invite certain people. You may also not now be in touch with many who celebrated with you the first time around. So renewing your vows will be a great opportunity to celebrate with exactly who you want to come!

Is this a legal ceremony?

Renewing your vows is not actually a legally binding ceremony. Which is why you can hold it where you want and have whoever you like to officiate. This can make it all the more special if you have a friend or close relative who would be the ideal choice. Or many couples book a celebrant – who can advise on writing your vows and other bits of information that may be useful. They are obviously used to standing in front of many people, which is an important part of it all, so choose wisely if you decide upon a family friend!

The ceremony can be religious, part-religious or non-religious. It can be held indoors or outdoors – there is no real limitation, as long as you have permission from your venue for whatever you decide to do. If perhaps you had a church wedding the first time around, then you may decide you would like to hold your vow renewal outside. Or you may want to recreate exactly how you originally celebrated your marriage. The choice is entirely yours.

Many couples will also now have their children in attendance – which is really lovely. You could always walk down the aisle, just the two of you. Or perhaps you will want all your children to accompany you. Every renewal is special and every one is different.

What to wear?

Whatever you like! You pick a theme; keep it casual, dress right up – the choice is yours. Pick a colour theme that you want people to adhere to, or just a splash of colour. You can really do exactly what you like – so many different options!

How to celebrate

Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd are one of the south east’s largest wedding companies who offer the complete package. As well as producing wonderful food, we also supply you with a beautiful marquee, drinks, staff plus have options for many glorious venues. So if you choose to work with Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd, then we will treat this just like a wedding. We can organise where your vows will be renewed, which could then be next to your marquee. You can then mingle with everyone, inside and out. We can be as relaxed as you like with food. Barbecues are a great option, but you may still like the idea of a sit down meal.

And then music will be a must for the evening! If you want a party, then you need a dance floor and some great music! Live music or a DJ are both great options – totally your decision. This is a great celebration and you need to make the most of having your nearest and dearest celebrating with you. This day must be exactly how you choose to hold it – so make sure this time around it is exactly that!

Bride and Groom dancing (black & white photo)

Renewing your wedding vows – when to do this

You can renew your wedding vows whenever you want to. After a certain number of years…an important milestone. Or perhaps you have overcome a big stress in your lives and want to see this as new beginnings. Every story is different and all are as individual as each other.

Next steps

If you are thinking of renewing your wedding vows and would like to speak to Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd about getting involved then please get in touch. Either call us on 01435 865904email us or fill in our contact form and someone will get back to you.

We can’t wait to hear all about you both and what you are planning for your second “big day”…

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