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The weather plays a part

Whatever the weather, we have you covered...

The forecast is still really bright…

As we look out of the window today. on a cold windy and very wet March day, it is hard to believe that a sunny day could be around the corner. And the weather can be one of the biggest stresses for a bride and groom on the build up to their wedding day.

However it really doesn’t need to be. Now, obviously it is the icing on the cake if the sky is blue, the sun is shining and you don’t need to wear a coat over your wedding dress! However, if your wedding catering or marquee hire is with Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd, then we have seen all different types of weather and are ready to take on anything!

A sunny day

As much as these are the longed for days when it comes to getting married, with a warm and sunny day being the best day for everyone, it can still have it’s challenges. You really don’t want everyone either wearing sunglasses or squinting in your wedding photographs! Food needs extra careful preparation in the warm weather and drinks need to be kept extra cool. And a wedding dress or morning suit can seem a little hot when the degrees hit over about 25 degrees celsius!

But the sides can be pulled up on your marquee, everyone really relaxes and if you have continuous drinks flowing, then this just adds to the great atmosphere of the day. It is also lovely if you have sofas arranged outside as it is just a lovely way to enjoy the warm evenings.

A windy day

Anyone wearing a hat should ensure they bring plenty of pins to keep it safely in place! And again, this could be an issue with photographs. However, a windy day can make for the most wonderfully natural photographs of you and all your guests!

A rainy day

This is the day that most couples dread. Rain, possible mud and wet clothes – there could be nothing worse. However, Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd have worked at enough rainy weddings to make sure everything still runs smoothly. If you want your wedding outside, then we can arrange a clear marquee for you to be under. We have plenty of fun brollies and we just tuck you all up nice and warm in your marquee or other venue, so the day will still be just as fabulous.

A cloudy day

These are probably the most ideal. Perfect for photographs, perfect for heat, no rain and not many sunglasses!

Whatever the weather, you really do not have to worry. Everyone has fun stories to tell when it comes to the weather and these are what will be remembered from your day. Always the best times…


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