Super Event

Joanna & Sam

The value we found in Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd was priceless and Sam and I consider ourselves very lucky to have had them organise our big day...

Why choose an Events Company?

Sam and I got married in August 2019 and the day was perfect. We started planning the wedding in the summer of 2018 and we decided we wanted to get married at Sam’s family home in Kent. Having seen a lot of friends go through weddings, we wanted to focus on making a few good choices to make our lives easier and stick to our budget. So we opted for an events company rather than trying to bring together marquee rental, caterers and booze cruises to Calais.

Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd came highly recommended from a neighbour and once we met up with them we knew they were right for us too!

Our plans

We planned a wedding for 100 people, which was quite small in our eyes but turns out to be quite big!

We found a band locally in Kent by attending a few events at pubs in the area and a friend recommended a florist so that was all sorted. The main decisions to be made were with Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd and these were made SO much easier with the event they ran in March to taste all the food, see the marquee and start thinking about some of the details of planning. We came away from the event having worked out our menu, alcohol choices and some thoughts on how to decorate the marquee. Our one request was long tables rather than round ones which Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd accommodated without a problem.

We had a call with Tony 6 weeks before and that was when we commited to food and drink choices and the timings of the day. He helped us work those out and we built a plan for the day which was great.

The days before

The marquee went up 2 days before the wedding and we couldn’t believe how quick it was, the guys were incredibly efficient and respected the space so there was no impact to the garden itself. Once it was up, Sam and I were in awe of how beautiful it looked even without any of our decorations. The drapes and chandeliers really did make a difference meaning we didn’t have to add tonnes of flourishes to finish it off.

The day before the wedding the team turned up to dress the tent and this is when we really realised how special Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd were and why an events company is a no brainer. Steve and his team set up without any hassle to us. They asked us to confirm we were happy with a few bits of the day and we could tweak things based on how it looks or what would be best for guests. It felt calm and very well planned which meant that Sam and I could put our energy into other things that we needed to do.

We had a meeting about timings for the day and Steve talked us through the flow, bringing his experience to the day and helping put our minds at rest. He was incredible and I don’t think we could have done the day without him.

The big day

On the wedding day itself Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd nailed it. We turned up from the church 30 minutes early and the team swiftly adjusted and served up food and drink, adapting the plan accordingly (without panicking us).

As soon as we stepped out of the car Steve brought us a glass of champagne and it was clear that he was going to look after us all day and he really did. This is the one thing that we underestimated when going for an events company – they were our team for the day and are empowered to make the day run smoothly without the bride or groom needing to be involved in decision making or problem solving.

The food was amazing and we genuinely had so many compliments about it all. We had chosen the crab tian to start, confit duck for main and the trio of desserts for pudding. Totally faultless!

Plus the alcohol was amazing and the drinks package took a lot of hassle out of the run up to the day.

All in all the day went without a hitch which is largely due to Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd’s expertise. Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd managed the schedule and made sure glasses were topped up at all times. Plus the morning after the wedding we returned to the marquee at midday and it had already been cleaned so we didn’t have to do any of that.

We would absolutely recommend the team at Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd to anyone. The value we found in them was priceless and Sam and I consider ourselves very lucky to have had them organise our big day. Thank you!


Just a few photographs of our day…