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Kimberley & Oliver

Super Event are truly the most incredible "wedding people". We trusted them with absolutely everything, and they delivered every single promise they made us and more

We initially came across Super Event via word of mouth from a very close friend whom had used this company for her own wedding, which we attended back in 2011. When it was our turn to get married, Oli and I immediately knew Super Event were the right people for us.

The venue

We initially had set our hearts on a local woodland venue, but things do not always go to plan and despite the site visit from Super Event who were happy with our proposed site, we had a last minute change of heart and found ourselves 3 months before the wedding with no venue….

Tony and Chrystelle worked their magic. They personally took us to a couple of potential venues in our area, the first one was sadly out of budget, but the second one was just perfect. So we ended up hosting our wedding at the exclusive Broad Acres in Laughton, where we were greeted by the gorgeous Landlady Joanna Wild.

From then on everything became so much easier as it was all in the hands of Super Event.  Sadly we were not so lucky with the weather, but yet again Tony and Chrystelle came up with a last minute scenario of building a marquee extension at the front of our main dining structure, so that the arrival drinks were held in the dry and warm. That worked perfectly.

The food

The canapes were flowing as well as the unlimited drinks package which still to this day is probably the best choice we made for the wedding.  The food for the wedding breakfast was simply the best we ever had at any wedding.  The Chef was increadible in the way that he agreed to re-produce one of our own favourite dishes as a starter, being a Scottish Salmon Tartare.  A bit of a gamble but he delivered even a better dish that we would have made at home, and all the guests loved it.

Our main course was a Noisette of Lamb cooked to perfection – How do you do that for 120 people I will never know…  And then of course the one and only Triple delight.

All the guests were looked after individually, the children were spoiled for choice and everyone with special diets was looked after in the most professional way.

The evening

In the evening we had fish finger sandwiches and that was perfect to keep us going on the dance floor.  We had a further 100 guests joining us for the party and still, the unlimited drinks package was still flowing for them.  We never thought we could have afforded this.

The party carried on till Midnight and the day after we got to get back to the marquee to gather all our bits and bobs that Super Event had kept all together for us.  We were still on a cloud and it did take us so long to realise what had happened…  As magic is not something we are used to, but we did experience it on our wedding day.

Our wildest dreams came true. You guys are just magical…

Super Event are truly the most incredible “wedding people”.  We trusted them with absolutely everything, and they delivered every single promise they made us, and more.

Kim & Oli x