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The Best Time of Year for Outdoor Weddings

Our British weather will not dampen your spirits. Not with Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd anyway...

If you live in the UK, you’ll know that we get more than our fair share of rain and horrible weather throughout the year. One day it can be sunny and warm and the next we could be having a mini hurricane! Especially this winter… If you are planning on getting married and your heart is set on an outdoor wedding in the sun, it can be quite a gamble with choosing when in the year would be best to have your special day in the sunshine.

Where in the UK is best?

If you are not too fussed about where in the UK you hold your wedding, some areas are definitely drier than others. And we are lucky enough that the South of England always enjoys slightly more dry and sunny weather than anywhere else in the UK. Being a long standing marquee hire company and wedding caterers in East Sussex, Kent and Surrey, we know all about the quick changing UK weather. We can adapt to any situation and will give you options that can give peace of mind, perhaps a bit of fun as well as ensuring everyone has an excellent day.

What time of year is it least likely to rain?

It’s very difficult to rely on long-range weather forecasts to decide on a wedding date, as in some cases it could be wrong. Weddings usually involve months of planning, and it is rare to change the date once it has been decided upon. So it can be a bit of a gamble on whether the weather will be good for your wedding day. But actually, as much as most of our couples pray for wonderful weather, some of our best weddings have been held on a rainy day!

Wedding Weather

Many people opt for the warmer months of summer for their outdoor wedding. July, August and September are always a popular time of year to hold weddings. And there really is nothing nicer than a wedding on a long hot summer’s day. However, going by the statistics, it appears that these are not the driest months of the year…

In fact, the driest month of the year is apparently April, with only 2.29mm of rain on average. The 15th of April is also crowned as the driest day of the year! So if you’re planning on having a wedding in April, you actually have the lowest chance of an April shower. Of course, whilst April might be the driest month of the year, it certainly isn’t the warmest. According to the Met Office, the average temperature for April in East Sussex is 12°C. So, unless you’re willing to wrap up warm on a bright but chilly day; you may decide to look later in the year and wait for a warmer option.

Despite being a popular month for outdoor weddings, August is actually one of the wettest summer months, with over 3mm of rain on average. Typical of our British summers! The warmest months on average are still July and August, with an average temperature of over 20°C. As August is likely to be a bit wetter, the odds are better for a wedding in July. That way you have the best chance of having a dry as well as warm day.


Always have a backup!

As we know that your day is special to you, we would always recommend you have a backup. That way you’re covered if the heavens do decide to open on your wedding day. And this is something that Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd are excellent at organising.

WE have many venues where you can be married within the venue. Then hopefully, the weather will brighten at some point so some spectacular photos can be taken of the happy couple and all their family and friends.

And if it is a cold day, then we can help with that too! We cover all the bases to ensure your day will be spectacular.


Some of our wedding couples have sent us some wonderful photographs of guests with umbrellas – they can also be a real focal point for photographs. What we do say to all our couples however, is there is nothing you can do about the English weather… But we have options that we can implement throughout the day that will still give you a fantastic wedding to remember.

Our marquees guarantee a luxury space for your wedding. The crisp white canvas and new carpets will make you and your guests feel ultra special. We will include the banqueting chairs (gold chairs come as standard with further options), circular or long dining tables, a wooden dance floor and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. All of our marquees can be fully furnished to your specification and you can then decorate them to your styling, taste and budget.

Want to speak with us?

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