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Wedding Buffet or Sit-Down Meal?

We're here to help if you're struggling to decide...

What wedding reception meal is best for you?

If you’re planning for your wedding day, one of the things you’ll spend a lot of time deciding on is the reception dinner that comes after tying the knot. Over the course of the planning process for your perfect day, there will be plenty of wedding food tastings from catering companies you’ll be dying to try out.

There are so many catering companies like us, that are here to help you find the right reception dinner for you. From a wedding buffet with delicious canapes, or a sit-down meal with gourmet dining. One of the things many couples struggle to decide on is whether to have a traditional sit-down meal or a wedding buffet.

Wedding Buffet or Plated Meal?

Choosing what would work best for your wedding can be a bit of a headache. So here are some tips that might help you decide what dining experience is best for you. As a wedding catering company in the South East, Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd can help you decide what the best choice for your wedding would be.

Formal or informal?

It’s generally agreed that choosing a wedding buffet over a seated meal is more informal and casual for a wedding reception. But informal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. Going for an informal style could be a better fit for your guests. Just think about who you’re inviting. You might want a more relaxed vibe for your wedding, where the food that’s available is second to your wedding celebrations. But if your wedding is informal, it doesn’t mean that your only option is to have a wedding buffet. At Super Event Catering & Marquee Hire Ltd, we can provide a sit-down meal to suit whatever style you’re going for – that includes a more relaxed style.

Zoe & Luke's wedding at Claverton House

If you’re having a black-tie event, you’ll probably want to make it a bit more formal. Here, a sit-down dinner would probably suit much better. If you decide to go for a wedding buffet experience for a black-tie wedding, you might want to consider the types of food to have. Something easy to eat that doesn’t make too much mess and get crumbs all over your clothes.

Dietary requirements

The dietary requirements of your friends and family might help to make your decision on what would work best for your wedding. Think about the people that you’ll be inviting to your wedding. Do you know if any of them have specific dietary requirements?

Some might need gluten-free. Others might be vegetarian, vegan, or be allergic to dairy. Whatever style of dining you go for, you’ll need to make sure you’re catering for these people. Having a buffet for a wide range of different non-serious dietary requirements may work best for you.

However, if there are any really serious allergies that you’ll have to cater for, it might be that a sit-down meal prepared by our chefs would be a better way to control the dishes for the guests with allergies.

The flow of the night

Think about the other things that you’re going to have at your reception. Are you going to have a band playing with plenty of space for dancing? Do you want plenty of people to do speeches? If so, you might want to consider having a sit-down dinner. Speeches at weddings can be much easier when people are sitting down, and not mingling around. If you need space for a band, the you may also need extra room if you choose to have buffet tables.

Wedding Buffet or Plated Meal?

Wedding buffet or sit-down meal – Do what you think is best for you

There are clearly different variations to both dining options. Much of the concern around choosing buffet dining instead of a sit-down dinner is based on couples not wanting to stray from tradition. What we would say is don’t let that stop you from doing what you want to do. After all, it is your special day. You might want a sit-down meal of casual dining instead of a wedding buffet. In which case we encourage you to do so!

Just because sit-down meals are more traditional, doesn’t mean it has to be formal. You can easily have an informal sit-down meal that will work with your wedding style. Just look at some of the reviews that we’ve had that show you how we can cater to whatever style of wedding you’re looking for.

If you’re in the South East and are planning for your wedding day, we can provide the perfect catering service for your wedding. Whether it’s buffet-style or sit-down meal that you’re after, we guarantee you will choose the perfect food and drink for your occasion. If you’re in Kent, Surrey, or Sussexget in touch with us, and see how we can help.

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