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Extra Little Wedding Touches

These can make your day just that little bit more special...

We love to see what our clients do with the marquee when it comes to their wedding and it looks different every single time. We thought we would give you a few ideas on what we think works really well for those extra little wedding touches. If you have a creative side then make sure you use it to decorate the venue because small personal details really do make a difference.

Illustrate your wedding

One of our Brides & Grooms took the guestbook idea to a new level. They had an illustration drawn up, put it in a frame, then on an easel with felt tips pens next to it. Guests could then colour in part of the illustration and leave a heart felt message for the newly-weds. Although a guestbook is nice to keep, this is a modern twist on the idea and if you are creative why not illustrate it yourself? Making it that more personal and fun.

Personalise your table plan

We have seen many, many table plans over the years when catering for weddings. Some are printed on lovely paper, others are framed, but we think this idea is lovely. Get a few travel tags and write your table plan yourself. This couple have written their guest names in silver pen to match their colour scheme. They have then placed small tin cups on a wooden easel and asked their florist to make a few extra small bouquets to display in them. It would really stand out to all of your guests. Other ways you can personalise your table plan include; hand writing on a large mirror or you could take photos of all of your guests with a message on the back showing them their seat – this is a popular DIY project.

Make your reception fun

When you first arrive at your wedding reception, your guests may want to let off a little steam. This Jenga idea is brilliant for children as well as adults! Most people are familiar with the garden game ‘Giant Jenga’ so as you pull out the wooden block you write a special message on it for your Bride & Groom then pop it on the top until it falls over. Once people have played it a few times, other guests have more of a chance of picking a wooden block with a heart felt message on it and the happy couple get to take it home and read what everyone has written. The game can then come out when you have people over or go to a BBQ to remind you of your special day. This idea encourages your guests to take part in the DIY tasks for your wedding day.

Leave little messages in your marquee

Whether you are using a blackboard, card or fabric you can write personalised messages for your guests to see throughout the marquee or venue. Hand writing these messages make them a little more special and allow guests to be involved in your love story. It can be short stories of how you met, dates that are significant or funny stories nobody knows about yet. Your guests will love reading them and it will give everyone a talking point for the day.

A few photograph ideas

Now we have given you some ideas for those extra little wedding touches, it is your turn to get creative. Over to you…

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