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Wonderful Winter Weddings…

Your winter wedding will be just as special as a summer event. You may just need to prepare slightly differently...

It’s OK to be a little different…

The typical dream is a June wedding with a bright sun in a clear blue sky. Lots of lovely sunny photos with guests all mingling on the freshly cut lawns.  But what if you want to go against the grain and have a winter wedding? It’s possible to plan the best winter wedding just as easily as it is to plan a summer celebration. There are a lot of advantages to doing a winter wedding including the ability to create a unique event that most people shy away from.

Of course, with a unique plan there are always things to consider. Remember to take the date of your winter wedding into consideration. While the event itself might cost less than a summer wedding, luxuries such as the honeymoon can sometimes be more expensive. However having a wedding in the winter can also give you different choices for honeymoons that wouldn’t necessarily be the best time in the summer. Perhaps choose the place you want to go and work around that.

You’ll also have to plan your wedding around the fluctuating winter holidays. Be sure to see when Hanukkah begins and ends. This will help you accommodate friends who celebrate the holiday so they’ll be able to share in your special day without foregoing their own family celebration. And don’t forget that flights can go up depending on when your wedding will be. So have a think about whether you have overseas guests that you want to invite.

If you’ve taken these factors into account and are ready to plan your winter wedding consider the following planning tips to make things easier on you.

Save Some Money

Winter Weddings

Overall, the winter isn’t considered the peak wedding season. Thanks to this, you’re more likely to find discounts on most of the important purchases for your big day. For example, most venues have a lot of empty space on their calendar which allows them to offer more flexibility on their prices.

Photographers, videographers, transportation rental services, and entertainers may also have lower off-peak rates. With the cost of weddings rising steadily, it can be nice to know that by picking a different season to celebrate your love, you’ll also be saving money on the things that matter most.

Be prepared, however, to spend more money on other aspects of your wedding due to the winter season. For example, the flowers might be more expensive since most are out of season. In the same vein, your flowers can end up costing you more money around St. Valentine’s Day since they are always marked up for the holiday. You can however remedy this, by picking more traditional winter flowers like poinsettias, carnations, and gardenias.

Prepare for Problems in Advance

Any wedding can expect it’s fair share of unexpected issues and winter weddings have their own unique problems. The most obvious one that you’ll worry about on daily basis is the weather. If you’re in an area that is prone to snow you’ll have to be concerned about whether or not a blizzard will blow in on your big day and you’re forced to cancel everything.

To combat this problem you should talk to all of you vendors about their policy regarding postponements and cancellations. Usually a vendor will reschedule you for another available date at no additional charge when it comes to inclement weather.

Another way to try to protect yourself is wedding insurance. These policies can usually protect you from losing your deposits to your vendors due to weather-related issues. This is helpful if you have to find a completely new vendor for your new wedding date.

If you are inviting people from out of town or have elderly relatives on your guest list they might decline the invitation due to the season. This is usually due to concerns about icy conditions, higher travel rates, or travel delays. While this can be seen as a money-saving advantage, not having the people you love around you on your special day can be discouraging.

Embrace the Season

Winter Weddings

A lot of couples have ideas on what they want their wedding day to be like in regards to themes, colour schemes, and the wedding catering. While you might be adamant about having pastel colours instead of the warm winter colours of gold and red or the winter wonderland white and silver theme, you should consider embracing the winter and holiday season. This will make your wedding more unique and special since it’ll be guaranteed not to be repeated later in the year by a spring or summer wedding.

You can have fun with frosted branches as decorations, warm cocktails at the bar, and hearty soups on your menu, in order to really take advantage of the winter season.

By keeping these suggestions in mind and planning for any possible winter-related issues, you can have a successful and really stunning winter wedding that everyone will remember.

At Super Event, we work in many venues across Sussex, Kent and Surrey. All venues look absolutely fabulous during the winter months. You will also be assured that the catering will be wonderfully warming and our suggestions to you would be totally inkeeping witht the style of your day.

If you are planning a winter wedding and would like to chat with us, then please get in touch. Either by calling us on 01435 865904, emailing us or filling in the contact form and someone will get back to you.

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