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Weddings At Home

Having a wedding at home can be one of the easiest decisions you will make...

There are many couples who will be extremely lucky and have lot of land available to them. This gives all involved, the amazing opportunity to hold their wedding reception at home. Perhaps in a paddock, a field, a large piece of garden or maybe even on a tennis court. It really is an ideal situation to be in and most couples count themselves extremely lucky if they have this as an option for their wedding.

The benefits of having weddings at home

No one else will ever have the same wedding as you. The last thing you want is to have your wedding at the same venue as a friend. Having your wedding at home makes it really unique and special to you.

You save on the venue hire costs. These can typically range from 1.5K to 10K, which will obviously save you a large chunk of money, which could be spent elsewhere.

You get to do exactly what you like. No one tells you the start or finish time, especially if you are fairly remote. Obviously you need to be considerate of neighbours, if you are at home, but perhaps an invitation will sort this possible issue!

You have exclusivity to your venue! No one will tell you to get out as another wedding party is turning up. You can have a whole weekend of celebrations if that is what you would like. We can arrange for the marquee to stay up as long as necessary, which is a great idea if you aren’t leaving for honeymoon straight away. Many couples continue with their celebrations the next day.

You or your family can have months of fun getting the gardens ready. Then you also get to enjoy the stunning and colourful flower beds as a long term investment. Lots of people can be involved here, which is also a lovely way to include family into the wedding preparations.

There really is nothing for you to do as we bring everything with us. Marquee, chairs, tables, table dressings, lighting, dance floor, loos, staff and most importantly, the most fabulous wedding food

Even though we supply elegant and comfortable portaloos, being at home means you can use your very own facilities – in a wedding dress this is a real luxury!

Great economies can be made on drinks. A standard hotel rate for wine is £25.00 per bottle. We can supply your drink for you, or you can supply your own drinks without corkage. This really helps with budgeting and many couples can then decide to have a free bar as it gives them the chance to be able to do this.

And these are just a few benefits – we are sure you can think of lots more!

Next Steps

Once you have decided you want to have your wedding at home, then please get in touch with us. Please either email us, call us on 01435 865904 or fill in our contact form. Then we can arrange for a site survey to be carried out, to check on certain aspects of your venue, ie the condition of the ground, accessibility for Super Event as well as your guests and also perhaps giving you advice on a better option of where to erect the marquee – you may be surprised! If you have lots of land then there may be a better place for it to be situated.

We can’t wait to see what you have planned and dreamed of, for your own wedding. Weddings at home are just beautiful – relaxed, unique and everyone can really get involved. As much or as little as you want, anyway!

Can’t wait to talk to you…


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