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Your Wedding Entertainment

How do you want to entertain your wedding guests?

So many things to plan for your wedding. Venue, food, the wedding ceremony itself, flowers, gifts…and then there’s your wedding entertainment. This is possibly one of the parts of your wedding that people will remember the most.  Or the least, depending on how much alcohol has been consumed!

It is an important part of your evening, as well as the day even, and it would be good to get it right for the people you are sharing your special day with.

What are the options?

Most couples want something different for their wedding. Something nobody has seen before. Now that can be tricky, but you can definitely make it personal to you as well as being fun for everyone else.

During the day

Do you need any sort of entertainment during the afternoon of your wedding day? Are there lots of children or older guests, who may not want to be mingling as much as you would like.

A magician may be a great idea – it’ll keep the kids amused, but everyone else will get loads of enjoyment as well. We have seen some amazing magicians during the many weddings we have organised. Illusionists that have such an amazing slight of hand. This is a real crowd pleaser and will entertain all age groups.

A caricaturist is always a fun idea – it gets people talking, laughing and interacting with each other. Not everyone will know each other at your wedding – you are always the common link, so you want your guests to relax and have a really good time as well.

The Tailored Tenors

Singing waiters are a fabulous idea – they work alongside the staff at your wedding and then at the allotted time will break into song. With a full repertoire of tunes that are a fantastic idea once the meal is drawing to a close. We have seen an amazing duo The Tailored Tenors, a couple of guys who originated from the West End-totally professional with the most amazing voices! Definitely worth a look!

Photobooths have been around for a while now and these always make a fun choice for all ages. Hats and other props are supplied and you can get lots of people into many fun photos. We work with Coco Photobooths, who can supply many different styles of booth, plus instant social media uploads – ideal for anyone using Instagram of Facebook!

In the evening

Now this is where the entertainment really starts. Your evening guests arrive, the marquee fills up and the dance floor makes it’s debut. So what’s it going to be? An i-Pod with all your favourite tunes? A disco, where you can choose your music? Or a live band that will really rock the night? Over the years we have heard some amazing evening entertainment. We really can’t mention them all as there are just too many. However, we highly recommend SimonP as your DJ as he proves time and time again how professional he is, with some great music, new and old.

Or if it is live music you are wanting, how about Sway Allstars Orchestra? With Sway, you can have a 5 piece band, right up to 20 if space allows it. Having played all over the world, Sway Allstars music repertoire spans from the sixties right up to present day. All the musicians have performed with some amazing and very well known acts, which is testament in itself. Take a look at their video on the home page of their website – just amazing!

Fireworks are also a really popular choice. They can be set off at the close of the evening, which is an ideal time for the bridal couple to say goodbye…

Next steps

Please chat with us about your ideas. We don’t recommend many companies, as that can get tricky, but the wedding suppliers we do speak about, will give you great service and ensure your wedding is really one to remember!

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