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How Would You Like Your Top Table?

Long or round...the choice is totally yours...

How many people do you need to seat?

Designing the interior of your marquee can sometimes take a bit of thought. It depends on lots of factors, but one is definitely the top table. The design of your top table is dependent on the number you will be seating at it. Do you have extended family who MUST be on the most important table or will it be a smaller and more intimate number.

With the changing ways of families these days, there very well could be a larger number of parents and step parents who want to be seated on the top table. There may also be a larger number of main bridesmaids or best men. So the number on your top table can vary considerably and could cause you a headache. So the options below will give you ideas on how to accommodate everyone in a thoughtful and caring way.

A round table

This will ideally be a larger table than the rest within the marquee (6ft round), to give the bride and groom a bit more space and to ensure the table stands out.  A 6ft table would take up to 12 people but we normally recommend 10 max.

With a round table, it is usually placed in the centre of the marquee or function room so that the guests all feel close to the bride and groom, not stuck on the table at the very far end. This is a great idea, so everyone feels just as important as everyone else and it also means that anyone who feels they perhaps should have been on the top table can still be seated closely.

If the top table is positioned within the main area of the marquee, then you may want it to look slightly different. Possibly use a variation on your centre pieces, perhaps taller, different flowers or maybe candles – whatever you would like to differentiate your top table from the rest of your venue.

Sometimes a flower poulie with special hanging basket/wheel above it will look lovely and show all the guests where the bridal party are seated.

Nowadays round top tables are quite popular as they are more informal. Traditionally, top tables were seated slightly away from everyone else, but nowadays, this is not now the case.

A long table

The traditional style is a long table of course, which will be 18ft long and will take up to 9 people.

Normally you would have the bride and groom, 4 parents, best man and chief bridesmaid but nowadays the rules are very relaxed. Please speak with the team at Super Event if you would like to have a variation on your seating.

You can add a background to it that can be sourced via venue stylists. A floral display or fairy light curtains look extremely effective.

Some people use “thrones” to sit on / Beckham style!  (yes they do….)

Use the front of the table to hang flower arrangements or perhaps even Mr & Mrs Signs.

Something a little different

And along with a long top table, you may even decide to have all long tables, coming off the top table, keeping everyone in together. This is a perfect choice for smaller wedding numbers.

Next steps

You will probably have ideas of your own, when it comes to designing the venue for your wedding reception. Please chat with us about your design thoughts and we will come up with the best options for your wedding day, that you will be delighted with, your family will all still feel a part of your day and your friends will all love. So many people to keep happy at a wedding, but don’t forget…you are both the most important…

We look forward to chatting through all the options with you. Please call us on 01435 865904 if you would like to ask us some questions, email us or fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch.

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