Super Event
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Kate & Nick

Super Event inspired confidence from our very first meeting. They proved themselves capable of providing top quality food indoors or out - nothing was too much trouble for them...

Why we chose Super Event

We chose Super Event after reading their reviews online and thought them capable of catering for a lot of people – we were planning on having up to 150 guests. After attending the tasting event set-up in the marquee, we were so relieved and impressed that even after we arrived late after getting stuck in traffic, Super Event had specifically saved us loads of canapés and starters to taste, it was really appreciated.

The venue

We chose the venue after deciding we wanted a relaxed, secluded outdoor venue that welcomed children and campers and also had space for a ceilidh. Wise Wedding Venue, run by Sam Wise was perfect. It had everything we wanted including romantic lighting in the woods, chairs and sofas hanging in the trees, a fire pit where we toasted marshmallows at the end of the night, a treehouse and a meadow.

We wanted to provide an open bar with Pimms, Champagne, wine, spirits etc and toast the speeches with mead that we had brought. Also, we wanted to provide our own food for the evening – a cheese cake, breads, muffins, shortbread, fruit and a honeycomb. So we dropped off everything at the Super Event warehouse; the staff were so accommodating even with the volume of food and drinks.

The theme & decorations

Being very hands-on when it comes to planning and as well as sourcing our own alcohol and evening food, we wanted to DIY the flowers (most of them came from Kate’s mum’s allotment), the invitations, and placeholders.  We used mixtape CDs of our favourite songs that people could take away.

The marquee and wedding favours were partly themed around travel. We wanted the tables to be original and personal to us and so each table was assigned a country that we had visited. The wedding favours were gifts we had collected in those countries, with a bottle of traditional spirits hidden behind the bar.

We then decorated the tables with an old map of each country and it worked so well under the minimalist style crockery provided by Super Event. On each table we had flowers in jam jars and a locked, old decorated ammunition box filled with the favours. Then guests had to work out the clues that were hidden on other tables and around the venue to unlock them.

We really felt that Super Event listened carefully to our brainstorming and offered their suggestions for making it work with how they could set out the tables for us. Thinking they might be put off by the potential confusion of having people running over to each others tables and multiple treasure hunts going on during the meal. But they were not deterred and actively encouraged us.

The food

We chose the Silver catering Package of canapés, main and dessert with tea and coffee. While we were having photographs, staff served canapés in the meadow. Selecting chicken satay skewers, mini vegetable spring rolls, mini fish and chips and mini croque-Monsieur of honey roast ham and gruyere. These all went down very well with our guests, including the children.

For the main we chose feather blade beef with red wine and shallot sauce, and rosemary roast potatoes, and it was absolutely delicious. Apple crumble is a bit of a tradition in Nick’s family but it wasn’t on the menu. This was not a problem for a moment for Super Event, who went out of their way to make it for us. The vegetarian option was lentil and tomato tagine. The kids had smaller versions of the adult meals or chicken and tomato pasta. Gluten intolerances were also catered for with every course.

In the evening the Super Event staff made room for the mothers of the bride and groom to decorate the “cheese” cake in the catering tent, and set out the plates, honey, fruit and breads, also carving the cheese for us.

The wonderful staff

The staff were excellent. So many members of our families remarked how kind, thoughtful, efficient and professional they were. There when you needed them but with the ability to melt into the background. We felt guilty for paying them no attention but they were so capable we didn’t need to worry about them.

Super Event inspired confidence from our very first meeting. They listened carefully to all we asked for, gave advice and encouraged our schemes. They proved themselves capable of providing top quality food indoors or out – nothing was too much trouble for them.


Here are just a few of the lovely photos we had taken by James Martin Photography: